Share Prayer Requests and praise reports

Now is a time the church needs to be praying for one another more than ever. We also have so much to praise God for. Fill out the form below with any prayer requests/praise reports. If you choose to make them visible to the public, others will be able to pray for your need or celebrate with you at the bottom of this page! Once you pray for others prayer requests click the 🙏🏻 icon to let them know you are praying. 


Continue to pray for Iowa and those who here impacted by the Derecho last week Monday. Thankful that most of our family members there have had their electricity restored now after several days of being out. There are still some without power. Pray for the farmers who have lost crops and have damage to their farm buildings and silos. The loss to the farmers will be devastating.


Elijah Finn, son of missionary partners Tom and Tanya Clyde in Prague, Czech Republic broke his femur up close to the hip last week when he fell from a slide ladder at a playground. He is 3 or 4 years old. He has already been in the hospital one week, and will likely be in the hospital another 2 weeks since it is very important for the break to be immobilized for some time. As you can imagine, this is a very challenging time for their family as they navigate this cross-culturally and take care of their 3 month old son, Oliver Wren. Please pray that the Lord would give peace, strength, and extra assurance of his presence during this time.


I just broke up with my fiance about a week ago. I am on SSI and am asking God for help with my car and provision for my bills. I am looking for side work and feel discouraged a little bit that I won't make it. I'm freaking out trying to find something that fits with my restrictions and I just want to cry.


Praise: Richard Keene scheduled for lasor eye surgery Tues. COVID test done last Fri .


I would ask for prayer for my family. For them to see Christ in me. I pray for guidance, wisdom and discernment from Jesus alone. I pray for open minds and soft hearts. I pray to let go of things that aren't pleasing to God. I pray for a circle of friendships in Jesus. I pray for the struggles in a spiritually unequal marriage.