Share Prayer Requests and praise reports

Now is a time the church needs to be praying for one another more than ever. We also have so much to praise God for. Fill out the form below with any prayer requests/praise reports. If you choose to make them visible to the public, others will be able to pray for your need or celebrate with you at the bottom of this page! Once you pray for others prayer requests click the 🙏🏻 icon to let them know you are praying. 


Levi Brill, our missionary in Cambodia, has been experiences severe migraines. Please pray that they would subside, that he would experience God's peace, and presence, and that he would continue to be used in ministry for God's glory.


My prayer request is for my husband's salvation. That he would come to the saving faith of Jesus, heart softened and mind opened to desire Jesus. For my girls, that they would not fall away but desire to learn and read Scripture, to make faith there own. For myself, a greater discipline to study God's Word, and struggle to lead the girls in faith.


When I had a staff meeting with my supervisors today, I learned from one of them, who is a volunteer fire fighter, that suicide rates are way up. It is what his team has been dealing with more than the other calls. As I do not watch the news or have cable TV I didn’t realize this. I would like to encourage the church to pray for those who are isolated and feeling hopeless that they will find the love of God and not choose to end their lives.


Pray for nurses, doctors, healthcare workers